Wednesday, January 23, 2008

300 Posts

Yesterday we reached 300 separate posts since we started this blog in summer 2006. During that time there have been :-
  • 92 poems by pupils at St Columba's
  • 43 essays (both literary and creative) and stories by pupils
  • 117 book recommendations by pupils and staff
  • 32 posts about interesting sites and articles on the Web
  • 45 posts about plays in the College
  • 15 reviews of plays and other events by pupils
  • 48 notices about school events, including debates, concerts and competitions
  • 18 'Poems of the Week'
  • 12 news items about theatre visits
  • 6 items about talks and lectures
  • 37 posts about English school prizes
  • as well as a lot of other material - photo albums from plays, visits to famous authors' graves (Keats, Hopkins), news of Old Columbans, plenty on new books in our Library, an MP3 Shakespeare project, a pupil's interview with Jennifer Johnston, Teaching English magazine, the Library magazine 'The Submarine', and much more.
  • plus over 120 recommended links in our sidebar.

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