Tuesday, September 29, 2009

TY Book Recommendations 3

Shannen Keogan recommends Ben Shephard's After Daybreak:- This is a powerful and dramatic book about the liberation of Belsen in 1945. Bergen-Belsen was a concentration camp during World War II, and in this book Shephard uncovers unbelievable scenes of horror. It also includes the actions and reactions of the British soldiers who discovered such a humanitarian disaster. This excellent and informative account is a very difficult read for younger people, but anyone with an interest in what happened in World War II should without doubt read it.

Jack Cherry is reading Norman Mailer's classic boxing book, The Fight:- This book is about Muhammed Ali and the lead-up to the fight with George Foreman. I like this book because I find the way it is written interesting. Mailer is a very descriptive writer, and so we really see what Ali's life was like, both the good and the bad.

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