Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Library Books

The Chaplain pointed out this morning in Chapel that this is the day of St Jerome, patron saint of librarians (apparently, there's some dispute with other claimants St Lawrence and Catherine of Alexandria). Appropriate, then, to post our own Librarian's latest list of the new books available in our Library, here. And a happy St Jerome's Day to all.

Among the new batch in Junior Fiction is the excellently named novel by Sue Limb - Girls, Guilty But Somehow Glorious on the Prowl and Anne Cassidy's Witness. In Senior Fiction we have two more novels from the current Man Booker Prize shortlist - A.S.Byatt's The Children's Book, and The Little Stranger, by Sarah Waters. Among the non-fiction books is John Carey's much-noticed new biography William Golding: the man who wrote 'Lord of the Flies' (many years ago, Golding's editor, Charles Monteith, who discovered the famous novel while working at Faber and Faber, came to the College and talked to our Literary Society about this). Listen to Carey talking about Golding (and also Monteith) here.

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