Sunday, September 27, 2009

House Speech Competition 2009

This evening we had the annual Transition Year House Speech contest in the BSR. In a few days we'll have a pupil review here.

Henry Roe from Stackallan presented and linked the speeches - two from each House, being (in order): Robin Fitzpatrick on his visit to Thailand and China; Rebecca Stewart on her family outing to the latest Harry Potter film; Jack Cherry on food quality; Bronwyn Mallon on The Average Person; Lorcan Maule on the Special Olympics and the Paralympics; Thomas Gibbs on dogs; Shannen Keogan on cystic fibrosis; Jack Dunne on budgets; Rab Sheeran on foreigners; and Oyinda Onabanjo on travelling.

The judging panel consisted of Mrs Canning, last year's winner Andrew Martin, and former Head of English Mr Fanagan, who at the end complimented all the speakers on their confidence and the way they spoke from the heart. He then announced the first three: winner Thomas Gibbs, equal seconds Bronwyn Mallon and Lorcan Maule, and House winners Stackallan.

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