Monday, September 28, 2009

TY Book Recommendations 2

Seyive Hotonu recommends Darren Shan's Demon Thief :- This is a horror story based on a child and his experiences with magic and the world of demons. The storyline is about a demon stealing his younger brother, and how he tries to save him. During this adventure he meets new people and discovers he has magical powers. Some of the people he comes across are killed by demons. It is a book for readers who like this sort of novel. Every detail is explained clearly and vividly. It's quite scary, so for those who like to be thrilled and scared I would strongly recommend it.

Aoife Gernon is reading Jenny Downham's Before I Die and writes:- This is a very moving book. Tessa (the main character) is my age and I could connect with her. At the beginning of the book you find out that Tessa is dying from leukaemia and she writes down a list of things she wants to do before she dies. Most of these are within her grasp, as long as she hangs around with her best friend. But what she wants most is love. Then along comes Adam, her neighbour, who rides motorbikes and likes gardening. They fall in love...

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