Monday, May 18, 2009


At the end of this week, on Sunday night, we have one of the English highlights of the year, the Voices of Poetry evening. This year, we hope to record and podcast it here, technical matters allowing. Ronan Swift is in charge of the event, and is rounding up readers in English and many other languages. Also, during the year, his I form set have been writing poetry, and we'll post some of this here over the next few days.

First, 'Wolf', by Matt Brooke, I form:-

The night is dark and black,
Yet the moon shines high and bright.
In the peaceful wood nothing stirs
But an owl enjoying a mouse.

Across the plains a young wolf trots,
Its body graceful and strong.
Its great amber eyes glint with wisdom and power.
His name is feared all over the land
For the wolf is deadly and wise,
He eats his fill of the hunt,
Nothing is wasted, nothing lost.

But in this beautiful moonlit night
Man is stalking the wolf,
The wolf knows this well
But he does not run, he does not cower
For death meets any man that challenges the wolf.

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