Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fox, Dawn, Sea

Three more poems from Mr Swift's I form class collection now:-

The Fox, by William Wood

In elegance and grace it strides,
Its paws make no sound

As they land on the ground
In the deep green of no man’s land.
Seen by nothing, heard by nothing,

It goes like an assassin at night.

The Dawn, by Sally Beeby

As the sun rises over the hills,
Like a balloon slowly filling up,
The moon slowly deflating,
The light gently brightens.

It is dawn, the early morning,
People are slowly waking, animals stirring.

The sea is starting to shine,

The water glistens,

Boats begin to bob,
Sea life starts to swim up to the surface.

Seaside, by Tara McCormick

Sizzling sun,
Burnt bodies,

Waves of water,
The seaside has come!

Shells shudder,

Toddlers tumble,
Children chat,

The seaside has come!

Fabulous foam,

Balls bouncing,
Shady shadows
The seaside has come!

Heat hurting,

Glitter glowing,

Wind whining,

The seaside has COME!

(photo courtesy Photos8)

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