Saturday, March 14, 2009

World Book Day competition results

Just over a week ago, the Library marked World Book Day 2009 with activities run in conjunction with the English Department. The results are now out (the prizes are book-tokens):-
  • Congratulations to Milo Reddaway, who won the junior short story competition and whose entertaining and other-worldly story will be published here next week (after we return from the St Patrick's Day Exodus on Wednesday morning), as well as in the next edition of The Submarine, the Library magazine due out at the end of term. It's worth waiting for - a story involving this school, Zoroastrianism and guest star Xerxes, King of Kings, Emperor of Persia ..
  • The favourite book open draw was won by Philipp Arndt, who chose Daniel Kehlmann's Measuring the World. Next week we'll have Librarian Tom McConville's breakdown of and comments on the results of the College survey for this year's favourite book (not too surprisingly, Stephanie Meyer's Twilight).
  • The senior crossword competition book-tokens go to Miriam Poulton, Celeste Guinness, Joey Millar and Oli Smith.
  • The Junior Library Quiz book-tokens go to Sam Bewley, William Tidey, Stephanie Cafolla and Lily Guinness.
(top - one of the designs on the reverse side of the WBD bookmarks).

This is the 600th post since SCC English began in July 2006.


Jeremy Stone said...

Congrats on your 600th Post!! From the Frog Bloggers (who have only accounted for 175!!

SCC English Department said...

Thanks, Froggies. Happy Hopping this St Patrick's weekend.