Thursday, March 12, 2009

Podcast 1 : Farewell Future Wives

Our first-ever podcast is an interview with our colleague Ronan Swift, the launch of whose first album Farewell Future Wives we reported on recently. It's a discussion about the nature of his song-writing, the relationship between words and music, his musical influences and much more, and is rounded off by Track 3 of the album, 'Dancing'.

This post marks our initial venture into podcasting, which we plan to do regularly from now on. We'll be recording interviews, items on books, a series on study topics and more. You can listen to our podcasts via the player at the bottom of each post, or the 'widget' on the sidebar to the right, or by visiting our podcast page here (if you have iTunes on your computer you can also subscribe by clicking here, and so download our episodes to your MP3 player). Enjoy!

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