Monday, March 23, 2009

Podcast Plans

We've just started podcasting, the first two 'casts' being an interview with Ronan Swift about his new album, and an interview with John Fanagan about the life and works of Richard Yates. Since we're now into the last four days of term, that's it for this term, but from April we expect to be very active, with plans including:-

* an interview with Terry Dolan about the first truly great English poet, Geoffrey Chaucer.
* an interview with Louise C. Callaghan about her own poetry, and creative writing workshops.
* a series of revision podcasts on Macbeth prior to the Leaving Certificate.
* a discussion about the interface of literature and science, focussing on Charles Darwin.
* an interview with Nick Brace of Actiontrack, discussing their work and 'showbuilds'.
* an episode on our annual Voices of Poetry evening.
* a discussion of Henry James's great novel, The Portrait of a Lady.

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