Friday, September 02, 2016

10 Years Old

This site started ten years ago, with a post during the summer holidays. But really it got going properly at the start of the autumn term in 2006. At the time it was one of the very few blogs in Irish education.

In ten years there have been almost 2000 posts, and the site has generated a huge number of connections and opportunities, hosted lots of resources, gained a few awards and plenty of recognition, and been the showcase for the excellence of pupil work at our school.

This term we become the first school in the Republic of Ireland to use the Firefly Learning system, and our connections with pupils from now on will be through that (a 'walled garden' open only to the College community). Many of the resources developed here will be embedded into our Firefly pages, too. But this site will still be the outward face of our Department, and indeed resources and writing developed within Firefly will still make their way here.

And we're always on Twitter.

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