Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Junior Poetry Prize 2014

Congratulations to Nyla Jamieson, winner of this year's Junior Poetry Prize. Here is one of her poems, 'The Tear'.

The tears welled up in her sorrowful eyes,
They brimmed on the edge of her lower eyelid.
There, the water built up until there was a small pool.

The pools glistened in the dull light.
Suddenly a tiny drop of warm water
Tumbled over the edge of the eyelid,
Like a fledgling taking its first leap.

The tear fell over the dark area below her eye
That looked like a bruise.
It showed off the many sleepless nights before.

The tear caught on the tiny hairs on her cheek.
It slowly made its way down her face,
Leaving a glittering trail behind.

Slowly, slowly, slowly,
It trickled down.
Then it fell.

She turned away from the mirror.

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