Friday, June 14, 2013

The Submarine, June 2013

The latest edition of the Library magazine, The Submarine, has just been published, and you can look at it online below via Issuu (click for a closer view, again for the closest, and navigate via the arrows).

This excellent publication (the last of the academic year) is this time showcasing art, including pieces by our own pupils. As Mr McConville, the Librarian, says in his editorial, 'if we look properly at art we can carry away with us into the actual world a new way of looking, a new insight.' Some such new ways are evident here, such as in the entertaining Instagram versions of famous works like American Gothic and the Mona Lisa. Saya Kasuze writes on (and sketches) Leonardo's Last Supper, Mr Watts writes about the splendid Chester Beatty Library, Mrs Haslett about the Casino in Malahide, Ms Cullen considers the importance of line in art, Bella Purcell recommends the Bilbao Guggenheim and Ms Smith the Lady Level Gallery in Port Sunlight near Liverpool. And there is more.

[Here are some poetic interactions with art that have been on this blog in recent years]

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