Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Green Shoots

We've previously used the excellent and very efficient self-publishing service from Lulu to create two books based on this blog, Going Places (2008) and Outside the Frame (2010). Here's a DigiTeach article from the Computers in Education Society of Ireland site on how this worked.

We've now built on this by, for the first time, self-publishing our own text-book for internal use in our Junior Certificate classes, called Green Shoots (the title is from Bernard O'Donoghue's poem 'Aine'). This collects our material for II and III forms (leading up to the JC exam) in an attractive form and cuts down on lots of photocopying. As before, the cost is remarkably reasonable, and we are likely to repeat the exercise in future, certainly with the new Junior Cycle Programme which starts in English in September 2014.

Below and above, photos by Bella Purcell (last year's winner of the school Photography Prize) which feature as the front and back covers of the book. Click on them for a closer look.

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