Friday, October 19, 2012

TY Book Recommendation 3

Philippa Carroll is reading  The Foretelling by Alice Hoffman for her Transition Year Extended Essay, and writes:-

I am reading a book based on strong, native American, woman warriors. Their whole upbringing is war-oriented. At a very young age they each get a mare. From thirteen onwards they are expected to fight in battle. They tell fierce tales of the war their country has been through.

Rain is the daughter of the Queen. She was called Rain because her mother didn't love her and never set eyes on her or spoke to her, she was raised by the priestess. The book is based on her trying hard to be the best queen she can be when her time comes. It can clearly be seen that her self-confidence has been shattered by her mother. I love this book because of its powerfully feminist feel. It talks about women who burn off their left breast in order to achieve an accurate shot. That shows dedication and courage. The problem with their society is they are unable to show emotion,: emotions are weakness to them. Rain loves a boy called Melek but can never be with him as that would be vulnerable. Even in war a woman got axed in the face and she did not cry out. 

I adore this book as it teaches how important it is to express yourself and it shows how important it is to protect your self confidence from people like the Queen who want to shatter it.

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