Monday, October 01, 2012

Transition Year House Speeches 2012

The annual House Speech competition last night was another success. Ten speakers from five Houses spoke on a variety of subjects and ranged from the serious to the amusing, the light-hearted to the moving.

The presenter was Lydia Johnson, and she introduced these speakers: Roman Sharykin (Glen) spoke about the Pussy Riot protests in Russia, asking that we all consider what is most important in our lives; Eliza Hancock's speech on interesting words was read out by Jessye Faulkner (Iona), due to the former's illness; Alex Barnes-Auld talked out the weird and wonderful behaviour of his fellow boarders in Gwynn; Freya Pierce (Hollypark) spoke about her childhood speech problems (with no evidence of them any more); Callan Elliott (Stackallan) discussed, with plenty of knowledge, dogs; Muqtadir Shah (Gwynn) told the audience about the autism of his younger brother; Ally Boyd Crotty (Hollypark) tried to persuade the audience that she is not obsessed with cats; Christian McKeever (Glen) took us into the strange and mystifying life of that odd race, 'gamers', Nadia Al-Lahiq (Iona) explained how her hair-style is her signature feature; and finally Peter Quigley (Stackallan) took us into the extraordinary world of North Korea.

Mr McCarthy, TY co-ordinator, was chair of the judges beside Ms McEneaney and Ms Kerr, and announced the results: Roman and Peter were equal third, Ally second, and Muqtadir was this year's deserved winner, for his moving personal speech. Hearty congratulations to all.

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