Monday, June 11, 2012


Two more poems from the recent Senior Poetry Prize entries, this time from Helene Peters of Transition Year:

Journey – 1

Here we are in this desert of dullness;
Around us, nothing but grey.
No shape, no figures, just endless wideness.
Even the horizon fades every moment.

How did we come here?
Nobody knows.
We just took our hands and ran.
We were enough for each other.

Now opening our eyes we don’t know where we are,
Who we are.
Still holding on to each other
Because of this endless fear.

What comes next?
Where will we end up?
Who is there around?
Will we end up alone?

So you go right and I go left.
Maybe we can find a way
To get out of here.
The second you let go my hand I'll run

And run and run
Into the grey largeness
To find again my horizon
And maybe

One day
I will take your hand again
To run

Journey/Beginning -2

Willing to leave behind the pain
I go
Far away
From familiar faces

To find a new home,
Somewhere you don’t know.
Not thinking about my heart ,

Its broken, lonely shape
The black hole
It has become.

Until one day
With an incredible pain
The black hole sucks in
The walls I have built up

And I realize
There is no new beginning.

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