Friday, June 15, 2012

Actiontrack 2012, Day 4

Alex Owens reports on the penultimate day of this year's Actiontrack project for Transition Year:

Day 4. This morning we started off with another full music rehearsal of all the songs for Saturday night along with bringing in the soloists that were chosen for the songs that were worked on yesterday. Following this we took off from where we finished yesterday evening, quickly trying to make our way to the last scenes of the play before break. Unfortunately there are a few hiccups and slips along the way, causing a delay. Nevertheless steadily throughout the day we all kept on working on any costumes props and set-pieces needing work (in between our scenes in our play). Along with this the rest of the choreography for  all the songs was created and put into practice by us all. However as the day came to an end our brains grew tired and we slowly began to lean against the wall. (Notice my new rhyming skills...) Tomorrow night all will be REVEALED!!

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