Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Eavan Boland resources

Another post summarising useful resources for the Leaving Certificate, which will be updated every now and then (see our Hamlet page here), this time on the Irish poet Eavan Boland.
  1. Our own podcast on her poem 'This Moment' [8.32 minutes].
  2. The text of 'The Pomegranate'.
  3. A Poet's Dublin: site from Maynooth University with recordings and commentaries.
  4. An interview with Elizabeth Schmidt.
  5. The page: brief biography, and commentary.
  6. The Wikipedia page, with plenty of links at the bottom (the usual cautionary note about facts on Wikipedia...)
  7. Scoilnet extract from Object Lessons on being a female Irish poet, with questions
  8. US Colleges TV Video of reading and talk by Boland ['The Pomegranate' from 6:20]
  9. Reading at Cornell University [YouTube, starts with Boland at 15:00]
[updated September 2016. Some dead links]

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