Wednesday, April 25, 2012

'Hamlet' resources

This post summarises useful resources for our pupils studying Hamlet as their single text in the Leaving Certificate. [updated April 2012]

  1. The whole text of the play: put it on your own computer...
  2. Our slideshow of Hamlet soliloquies (including Claudius) via Wordle word clouds, and including YouTube versions of the soliloquies by actors such as David Tennant, Kenneth Branagh and Patrick Stewart.
  3. A series of 15 video/audio analyses of moments, using the ShowMe app for iPad.
  4. The whole text of Hamlet as a Wordle (click on the image for a bigger view). 
  5. SCC English revision podcasts are here, on 'The first soliloquy','The first scene', and two ones which gather the 10 Characters series (below). More will follow in the summer term 2012.
  6. 10 Characters in Hamlet: our 5-minute podcasts on 'lesser' characters: Fortinbras, Horatio, Laertes, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, Polonius, Ophelia, The First Player, Osric, The First Gravedigger.
  7. An excellent resource: the BBC Archive Hamlet.
  8. Miriam Poulton's review of the excellent recent National Theatre Live production, starring Rory Kinnear.
  9. Radio documentary by 'This American Life' called 'Act V' on a prison production of the play.
  10. Links to six press reviews of the Kinnear Hamlet.
  11. Shakespeare Searched: a 'Google for Shakespeare' - terrific resource for looking up quotations, self-testing and so on.
  12. The Ten Best Hamlets.
  13. The Hamlet Weblog.
  14. Alan Stanford's Hamlet masterclass, on RTE Radio (4 programmes in January 2011).
  15. A quotation auto-test (and below; see the first slides for instructions)

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