Sunday, May 16, 2010

Selected Tweets from Last Week

Some useful links/resources from last week's SCC English Twitter site:

  1. Classic: RT @TheOnion: New David Simon Project To Investigate Happy, Upper-Middle-Class Streets Of Wilmette, IL
  2. Gambon superb now at the Gate, Dublin, as Krapp: RT @dcozy: is looking forward to: Drama on 3: Krapp's Last Tape:
  3. Artistic prompts for pupils writing poems: our 'Images in Poetry' module:
  4. Great help for English teachers for #ff: @RealGeoffBarton, @englishcomp, @web20classroom, @abfromz.
  5. Great help for English teachers for #ff: @umphrey, @yourenglishclas, @msstewart, @SeanBanville, @ozge, @kristenswanson, @CohenD.
  6. Great help for English teachers for #ff: @larryferlazzo, @coolcatteacher, @rmbyrne, @esolcourses, @ecning, @englishblog.
  7. Olivia Plunket =third in 'Teaching English' national senior poetry competition, & Michael Kemp, Highly Commended:
  8. DRAMA PRIZES: congratulations to the winners- Poppy Vernon (senior), and Kezia Wright (junior)
  9. Vote for SCC English in the Top 100 Language Learning Blogs 2010! Thanks!
  10. 'Some Like it Tepid.' #lessermovies
  11. 'The Bourne Inferiority' #lessermovies
  12. 'Gone with the Breeze' #lessermovies
  13. 3 revision podcasts on 'King Lear':
  14. Seconded! RT @sineadgleeson: Halfway through #IMPAC shortlist. If I had to pick the likeliest winner, it'd be Gerbrand Bakker's The Twin.
  15. Perhaps navigation app? RT @TelegraphTech: Two thirds of Britons use mobiles while crossing road
  16. The School Library Association (Rep Ireland) is at
  17. Neat classy idea from @paperlesspost: elegant stationery on the screen:
  18. Reminder of a classic. RT @declanburke: "They laughed when I said I wanted to be a comedian. Well, they're not laughing now." - Bob Monkhouse
  19. I.T. letter today re coughing at Beckett performance. Hear hear (er, as it were): (we were obviously lucky on Thursday)
  20. SCC English podcast site: 20 podcasts on Shakespeare, drama, Chaucer, Henry James, Yeats, Boland, Kavanagh:

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