Sunday, March 07, 2010

Selected SCC English Tweets

A selection of our tweets from the last week:

  1. Interesting article on future of books at
  2. Hamlet at the Helix Theatre: reviews -
  3. Nice clean easy web-app - @teuxdeux - now a mobile app that would sync would be really good...
  4. 'Medusa' - new poem by TY pupil based on Caravaggio's painting:
  5. Funny review by Julian Clary of Sharon Osbourne's first novel:
  6. List of SCC English book recommendations:
  7. Terrific example of combative commentary by @andrewrawnsley in the Observer:
  8. Dublin-based software co. developing multimedia versions of Shakespeare, starting w Romeo & Juliet:
  9. Have a look at @poetrychannel - lots of good video resources and interesting 'watching':
  10. 'Christ Deliver Us!' @abbeytheatre- well worth seeing; big ambitious production, terrific main perfs, esp Aoife Duffin.
  11. Hamlet: the earliest copies online:
  12. Jimmy Fay, director of forthcoming 'Macbeth' @abbeytheatre, on the production (we'll see it next term).
  13. Well worth reading for all teachers/administrators- RT @englishcomp: When saying "No" means saying "Yes": Latest blog.
  14. Literary masterpieces: the LRB personal ads -
  15. Great photos to prompt creative writing: Sony World Photography Awards 2010:
  16. Recommending Conor Galvin's thoughtful webinar: Digital Elephants and Flying Penguins; technology-mediated T & L':

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