Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Ghostly Encounter 2

The second 'Ghostly Encounter' from Mr Jameson's I form set is by Peter Quigley:-

It was a dark night. The wind howled and the rain battered the ground. I shivered in my bed as I lay there pulling the duvet over me. The wind whistled through the fire escape. Flashes of light occasionally flickered through the room and lit up the place.

My eyes grew accustomed to the dark and I began to be able to spot things in the dark like shoes on the floor.
Shivers came over me and the curtains began to move as if a demon possessed them. I could hear the floorboards creak and my heart began to pound but I quickly realised it was just one of the monitors coming back in. I tried to close my eyes and count sheep to get to sleep but it wasn't working.

Suddenly, things began to shake and stuff started to fall off lockers. There was a howling noise louder than the wind and the sound of feet dragging across the floor. I curled up into a ball. I was so scared. The sounds were getting closer and closer and I was getting more and more frightened.

A white glow appeared on the wall but this presence was still hidden. Fingers - all white as snow - started appearing through the wall. I shouted, 'This isn't real!' I thought my eyes were tricking me.

But still more body features appeared, all as white as snow. Then its head appeared. It stuck in my mind forever. How weird it was! It was my own face!

It came towards me - I was horrified. It leaned over me and looked into my eyes. Closer and closer its hands came until they were inches away from my face and then...

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