Sunday, February 28, 2010

Selected SCC Tweets

Selection of last week's tweets:-
  1. The Poetry Channel - poems on video :
  2. Irish Times review of new Emily Dickinson biography:
  3. Catriona Crowe reviews 'Dictionary of Irish Biography' (now in our Library):
  4. Excellent advice! Ten Twitter Turn-offs to avoid when building your Teacher PLN:
  5. Recommend this thought-provoking article by Jacob Epstein on the future of books - "displacing the Gutenberg system" -
  6. In Ireland "three-quarters of parents believe teachers are doing a good job, a new survey reveals."
  7. How to Use the Upload Widget to Collect Student Work
  8. Poetry from Faber - 'Human Chain' by Heaney, 'Maggot' by Paul Muldoon, Paterson on Shakespeare sonnets:
  9. Tremendous essay from TY student comparing 'Middlemarch', 'Pride and Prejudice' & 'Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire':
  10. Violent but Charming: Dictionary of Old English explores brutality & elegance of our ancestral tongue.
  11. Bound to strike a chord with English teachers: Teenage fiction's death wishes | Alison Flood
  12. Keats-Shelley House - well worth visiting if you're in Rome (beside Spanish Steps):
  13. Formidable TY essay comparing '1984', 'Fight Club', 'Trainspotting' ('transgressive fiction'):
  14. Geoffrey Chaucer: an interview with Terry Dolan via @sharethis
  15. Thoughtful TY essay- 'Life After Death' in Looking for Alaska, Brief History of the Dead, 5 People You Meet in Heaven:
  16. Junior Cert pupil's essay comparing 'Bad Day at Blackrock' and 'The Outsiders':

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