Sunday, February 07, 2010

15 Recent Tweets

A new feature: selected 'tweets' from the SCC English Twitter site over the last week. Follow us via the button on the right-hand column.

  1. Recommended: Liz Meldon's Rathgar Bookshop:
  2. Review of Paul Murray's 'Skippy Dies', 'one of the most enjoyable, funny and moving reads of this young new year' :
  3. Masters of American Literature: Salinger, Mailer, Updike:
  4. #LCEnglish: Podcast on 'The Wild Swans at Coole' by #Yeats:
  5. Current 'Atlantic Monthly': 'What makes a great #teacher?'
  6. #LCEnglish: Khaled Hosseini podcasts and interviews, useful for Kite Runner:
  7. #LCEnglish : hashtag for Leaving Cert English resources and help. Hope others will join in...
  8. Globe Theatre #Shakespeare productions coming to Dundrum Cinema:
  9. Jim Burke of the 'English Companion' interview on @ecning:
  10. Anyone have experience of using a visualiser in class?
  11. Animoto video of pictures of Afghan kites - for those studying The Kite Runner-
  12. Alliteration in Poetry:
  13. Annotated version of 'The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock' , useful for LC candidates:
  14. Great Transition Year essay on the life of an old German woman:
  15. Lots of free teachers' literature guides on the Penguin USA site- #englishteacher-

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