Sunday, December 14, 2008

III book report: Godberson, Meyer

For her Junior Certificate book report this term, Opeline Kellett wrote a formidably thorough essay comparing Anna Godberson's The Luxe, and Stephanie Meyer's Breaking Dawn. The latter's 'Twilight' series has quickly become a real publishing phenomenon, especially with girls. Above, Meyer talks about Breaking Dawn and the series.

In her conclusion, Opeline writes :-

It was the ultimate out of a series of books and exceeded my expectations. It was supernatural fiction - vampires, yet it seemed so real. A normally bloodthirsty creature was turned into the most desirable creature around: Edward Cullen was every girl's dream!

Breaking Dawn mixed every emotion; each character was unique and shaped the book. As a book it creates an imaginary world of which you wish you were a part. I was thinking about the novel for days after I finished it. It still does enter my mind sometimes. It is also a book I could read again and again without a problem, I feel I would enjoy it just as much as the first time, with The Luxe I can't wait for the sequel, but reading it again, not for a while. It could get tiresome. With Breaking Dawn, getting tired of it is not in my vocabulary!

Read Opeline's full comparative essay here.

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