Thursday, October 09, 2008

Memory at Work 2

More 'Memory at Work', pieces, following yesterday's ones (there will be more tomorrow) :

Harry’s Easter Feast : I am in my Granny’s garden. The smell of lavender fills my nostrils. What was that? Someone says something to me, something about Easter eggs. I see a large, brown, oval shaped object on the table, so tempting and inviting. I paw at the egg for a while inhaling the chocolaty aroma. I take a bite; it tastes good, like a chocolate bar, but better. All of a sudden it is gone, I’ve eaten it. My hunger is not satisfied though. I grab my sister’s egg as well and wolf it down in a matter of seconds. I’m not greedy; I’m just very, very hungry.

Ratty’s Gym Class Memory : The boy stands in the room. As the bell rings other kids pass him, gathering books and filing out of the class. Eventually he joins them. His mind races as the ball travels towards his face. He imagines a laughing James. The ball moves faster now towards him. He cannot dodge: every muscle wants to move but he is stuck fast. He covers his face and waits to be knocked off his feet, to sprawl on the floor. There is a loud ‘thunk’ as the ball hits the wall, bounces back and flies across the gym floor to land at the teacher’s feet.

Little Pia Torments the Ducks : It is noon and everyone is arriving at the river. It is a hot day and all the ducks are cooling off in the water. My nostrils are filled with the delicious scent of barbequed meat. When my friends arrive we want to go swimming but we are not allowed. Instead we try to catch the quacking ducks. Of course we don’t succeed - the ducks are much too swift.

Fox – Jessica’s first Sighting : It is a nice evening and the sun is about to go down. I am at my aunt’s house in England and I feel like a little swim in her outdoor pool. Then I see a fox thinking about jumping in too. This is the first fox I have ever seen. He is not nervous but he’s not friendly either. I take a photograph of him but when everyone else comes out they scare him away.

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