Monday, September 29, 2008

House Speeches

The annual House Speaking Competition, which involves Transition Year, was won last night by Andrew Martin (individual, Gwynn), and Stackallan (House). Andrew's speech was on 'irritating girls' (he also won the Junior Public Speaking competition 18 months ago) The two Stackallan speakers were Alex Cafolla (who came second in the individual competition on the subject of his hair) and Rob Nolan (last year's JCT rugby side). Other speakers in a high-quality evening were Kate Boyd Crotty (her home county, Offaly), Olivia Plunket (3rd individual, on embarrassing parents), Jake Jacobson (the Olympics), Jessica Sheil (shoes), Harry Brooke (his baby sister), Andrew McCabe (skateboarding) and Virginia Peck (being yourself).

A review by one of the TY will appear here later in the week.

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