Wednesday, May 28, 2008

TY English Evening

Last night our Transition Year pupils completed their course, with our annual presentation in the BSR. Our guest was the Head of English at High School, Rathgar, Mrs Mary Milne, who spoke about the 10 pieces of writing she heard with great appreciation and attention to detail. The speakers/ readers/ writers were Lluisa Hebrero Casasayas, Alec Cherry, Poppy Vernon, Mark Kavanagh, Josh Buckingham, Poppy Kirwan-Browne, Rebecca Scott, Lauren Meyler, Fred Mann, Kate Haslett, Kaila Korschen, Sarah O'Mahony and Tom Guinness.

We'll have a pupil's review of the evening here before long. Meanwhile, congratulations to Fiona Boyd, winner of this year's only Premier Grade after all the marks were totted up.

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