Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Garden

Now another in the series of essays, stories and discussions currently being written by Transition Year pupils as they complete their Work Portfolios (by late May). Philip Kidd's piece 'The Garden' starts:

I am sitting in the dead centre of a vast lawn, and it is spring. I am admiring the lush gardens to my left and right, the forest, respawning once again for another year of sun, rain and snow. I am taking an interest in the animals around me like the birds, the creatures of the undergrowth, and the insects. This tripod chair is comfortable, but it keeps me on the edge. I cannot lean back, so it keeps me alert. Otherwise I’d fall asleep while writing this: it’s part of a draft. A draft I hope will become my book on Irish springtime wildlife. Just kidding. But I am growing fond of the idea.

Later in this piece, things take a chilling turn, throwing a disconcerting light on everything you have read.

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