Friday, April 25, 2008

'Light' and 'Driftwood'

Here are a couple of what Mr Swift calls 'a tiny sprinkling' of poems written in his I form English set. More shortly.

'Driftwood', by Jamie Boyd

I started out in life
As a huge and mighty crate,
Filled to the brim
With ammunition for an army.

Till one day tall and powerful waves
Crashed down on our ship
Making it toss this way and that way,
Men shouting orders
Slipping and sliding.

Suddenly a rogue wave hits
And flings me into the raging sea,
I smash open and all the bullets
Sink to the ocean’s bed.

And I begin to drift.
Drift far and wide,
To the edge of the world.
I may get washed up,
But the ever-moving sea
Will pick me up again,
And drift away I will again.

'Light', by Zachary Stephenson

There is a dim light
Glowing in front of us.
What could it represent?
Maybe it is God’s light
Keeping us safe;
Or a signal fire
Looking for help.

Perhaps it is comfort
For those with grief,
Inspiration for an idea,
Courage for the cowardly
Or soothing for the stressed.

As it illuminates our lives
I am certainly glad
There is light.

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