Saturday, March 08, 2008

More Poetry

The London Independent today starts a 14-day series of booklets called The Great Poets. Today, Chaucer, followed by Shakespeare, Donne, Milton, Pope, Blake, Burns, Wordsworth, Keats, Browning, Whitman, Dickinson, Hopkins and Hardy :
Working with Michael Schmidt, Professor of Poetry at the University of Glasgow, each booklet looks at the world and work of 14 of the best-loved poets in the English language.

Our Chaplain draws our attention to a new project by the British Poet Laureate Andrew Motion, a work in honour of the last British survivor of the Great War trenches, Harry Patch, whose memories are gathered here. The programme was shown last night on BBC1 (and can be seen on iPlayer for UK residents for the next week). There are audio and video links to hear/see Motion reading his poem.

Next term we'll be studying that fine WW1 novel, Pat Barker's Regeneration, with our V form for the Leaving Cert comparative module. And see a July '07 post here on Sebastian Barry's WW1 novel A Long, Long Way.

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