Thursday, March 06, 2008

Actiontrack report

Our first report on the Actiontrack workshops comes from Mena Fitzgibbon :

On Tuesday the 2nd form sets A and B had our first day of Actiontrack with the people in charge Cindy and Nick. The first thing that we did was a ryththmic exercise: Nick would do a rhythm and then we would copy. After that we played a game with our names so that Nick and Cindy could remember our names. We also played Zip Zap Boing (click for details). Then we did a miming exercise where we were paired off and one person told a story and the other person mimed the story out.

After break we did scenes from nursery rhymes and fairy tales but instead of acting them out we were frozen. We then did an exercise where we had to create a famous monument, a machine, a very small thing and make up another ourselves out of people. Then we had to create a story using all of them.

After lunch we played another game of Zip Zap Boing and then got back into our pairs and we did an exercise with status and switching status.

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