Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Leaving Cert results 2007

Congratulations to all our pupils who have today received another outstanding set of Leaving Certificate results. The overall points average of 441 across all subjects has gone up slightly from last year's phenomenal 440.

In English,
  • 94% of our pupils took the exam at Higher Level ; nationally, 64% do.
  • 20% of Columbans got 'A' (nationally the figure is 6.6%)
  • 33% got 'B' (nationally 18.2%)
  • 29% got 'C' (nationally 24.2%)
This means that 53% of our candidates achieved A or B at Higher Level, and 82% got A, B or C (49% nationally).


Anonymous said...

Well done to the students and especially to the English master of teaching Mr. Fanagan.

alexandra rohrl said...

Good evening.
I am interested in knowing the LEAVING CERTIFICATE RESULTS SERVICE 2007
School / Centre 60272W/3542
Name : A. Rohrl
Exam No. 104124
PIN 303856

SCC English Department said...

Sorry, you're going to have to contact the Exams Commission - try