Monday, April 30, 2007

A Path; The Storm; Changes

Three more poems entered for the Junior Poetry Prize - two by Molly Sanderson, one by Robbie Hollis :-

'A Path', by Molly Sanderson

Somewhere along this rocky road,
I shall find a path.
A path that is only filled,
with the blooming flowers, of the cloudy skies.
A path that only has the sense of happiness,
peace, pure tranquillity.
This is where I shall bathe in the silky, silver lake.
Lie in the blades of green grass.
This is where I shall smile,
cry with the thought of joy and laugh at the evil.
This will be my point of happiness.

'Changes', by Molly Sanderson

The smile has gone, and the tears have finally come.
The face that stands before me looks dead, although alive.
The soul inside has faded away.
The person that was once there has gone into hiding,
Climbing cautiously up and down the hills that stand in the way.
Every second fighting.
Fighting for the happy person that was once there,
Inside fighting for a life.

'The Storm Rolled In', by Robbie Hollis

The storm rolled in across the sky,
and lightning came from way up high,
the rain was very sharp and stung,
and afterwards the mist just hung,
in the air was so much dampness,
it left the garden in a mess,

A gust of wind came and blew,
every drop of morning dew,
and then the sun started to shine,
and I could see the daffodils standing in a line,
the sun reflected off the green lawn,
the dark and violent storm was gone.

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