Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Leaving Certificate revision 2014

Some links for VI formers revising English for the Leaving Certificate:
  1. Our Macbeth resources page, including video/audio analyses of key moments, podcasts and lots more.
  2. Macbeth videos and activities.
  3. Claire Keegan's recent visit: what she said about Foster.
  4. An interview with Claire Keegan on 'Prosody', with lots of interesting comments by her on Foster, and several readings from the story.
  5. Evelyn O'Connor's LeavingCertEnglish.net has lots to interest you, including sections on Paper One.
  6. Three analyses of early key moments in Pride and Prejudice.
  7. A podcast on Seamus Heaney's 'Mossbawn - Sunlight'.
  8. Lots of audio and video links to poems on your course - a good way to revise.
  9. A reminder of Articles of the Week this year: keep reading similar articles over the holidays, on the net, in papers and in magazines - valuable for all parts of Paper One.
  10. The Chief Examiner's report for 2013 has just been published and you can learn plenty of lessons from it (some of which are handily summarised by Evelyn O'Connor here).

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