Wednesday, June 18, 2014

'The Submarine', June 2014

The latest edition of the Library magazine, 'The Submarine', has just been published, and it is, of course, the last of the year. It can be read above by clicking once, and again for closer view.

It features Mr McConville's editorial thoughts on key skills and information literacy in the new Junior Cycle, a list of the many new books in the Library in the last six months, Junior Poetry Prize entries, an appreciation of the late David Sowby by Dr Bannister, and one of the late Patrick Scott, artist, by Mrs Morris. Another more recent Old Columban, Richard Mosse, recently had his exhibition 'Enclave' on show at the RHA Gallagher Gallery, and several Transition Year pupils respond to it. There is also a report on the work of the Library Committee, and a feature on memorable characters in fiction. On top of all this, art by Pia Gromotka, Samuel Clarke, Leslie v Negenborn, Kitty Morris, Polina Shikina, Molly Dunne and Hakon Schug.

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