Friday, February 12, 2010

Selected SCC Tweets from the last week

Our second weekly summary of useful 'tweets' from the previous week:

  1. For any teacher: great classroom clock/timer for projection, from Teachit:
  2. #LCEnglish: Shakespeare search engine - great for revision, self-testing...
  3. Senior and Junior Poetry Prizes 2010 launched:
  4. SCC English Web 2.0 links on Delicious:
  5. Poem of the Week 60: 'Valentine for Ernest Mann' by Naomi Shihab Nye:
  6. 'Using ICT to teach English' from UK 'National Strategies' :
  7. 'Improving the Teaching of #Shakespeare', resources, especially 'Romeo and Juliet':
  8. #LCEnglish: King Lear's map of Britain: #Shakespeare
  9. #LCEnglish: King Lear 'visualisations' :
  10. #LCEnglish: strong recommendation to all Leaving Cert pupils - Yeats exhibition - @NGIreland
  11. 'Paragraphy': good class tool for writing coherent paragraphs:
  12. Encouraging English teachers in Ireland to join @ecning :
  13. Patrick Kavanagh: poet for the recession? #LCEnglish:
  14. Hypertext version of 'The Waste Land' by #Eliot. #LCEnglish:
  15. 7 #Macbeth revision podcasts. #LCEnglish:
  16. #LCEnglish: Leaving Certificate English resources:

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