Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ghostly Encounter 1

Last term all I form studied Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol, and also went to the Gate Theatre dramatisation. Mr Jameson used this as a springboard for a writing exercise, and over the next few days we'll post three pieces based on encounters with ghosts: "Using Scrooge's meeting with the ghost of his deceased business partner, Jacob Marley, as their inspiration, I asked my I form English group to write about an encounter with a ghost."

The first is by Rowland Fitzgerald Barron: The first thing I noticed when I entered the house was the bite of cold inside which was very strange as it was usually warm. After doing my homework, I put on the television and after ten minutes, the screen started flickering and then it switched off. I tried to switch it on again but had no success. I went into the kitchen and found all the lights switched off. There must have been a power-cut, I thought. After having only a few peanuts for dinner, I went to bed on an empty stomach. It was quite hard to get to sleep and when I did, my sleep was full of nightmares...

Read Rowland's full piece here.

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