Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Jim Burke on EC Ning

We've recommended the English Companion Ning before to all English teachers (it still seems overwhelmingly American, but a vast amount is still useful for those of us on this side of the world). Its creator, Jim Burke, was recently interviewed by the Ning people, and you can read this interview here.

Among his comments: We have had nearly 11,000 join in little over a year and it just keeps expanding. Within two years it is very possible that it will be the largest organized community of English teachers in the world.


Anonymous said...

Oh what a blessing it would be to us all on the English Companion Ning if our colleagues from Ireland were to join us. On a more personal note, my family spent a wonderful few weeks in Ireland summer before last which culminated with us in a pub on Raithlin Island listening to Mary Black and her brothers singing all night. Hope to see you on the EC Ning.

Jim Burke

SCC English Department said...

Thanks for visiting, Jim... A new English teachers' national organisation, INOTE, is getting going, and I will spread the word about EC. And thanks for all you're doing on EC - a really wonderful resource. Wish it had been around when I started! Drop a line if you're in Ireland again some day,
Julian Girdham.