Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I form Public Speaking Competition

Toss aside your 3D glasses and get comfortable. This is entertainment at its simplest, and best.

Today saw the final of the Form I Speech Competition in Blackburn. Topics were varied: speakers doing parrot impressions, an unusual tale about the journey of a euro coin, the origin of well-known sayings such as ‘sleep tight’, eating camels’ hooves in China, Christianity, and much much more.

The overall winner was John Clarke with his speech entitled ‘My Brother’, about his brother Jamie. His speech was funny, authentic, used anecdote to great effect, and was perfectly pitched. He might as well have tossed his notes aside along with the 3D glasses - he didn’t need them once. Well done to John, and the seven other finalists, for informing and entertaining us in such style!


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