Sunday, April 19, 2009

Podcast 3 : Macbeth revision I - the crucial moment

Today we're starting weekly revision podcasts on Macbeth, leading up to the Leaving Cert in early June. These short programmes will focus on key moments, characters and ideas in the play, and are designed to give you a few minutes in the week when you can freshen up your thinking about the play. It's easy to become stale after two years studying a text...

The first podcast deals with Macbeth's soliloquy which starts Act I scene vii, 'If it were done ...', analysing the speech and suggesting why this is the most important moment in the whole play. (The Wordle at the top of this post is composed from the words of the speech - since we've used Wordle a lot over recent months, we'd like to recommend voting for it in the Webby Awards - register here). Next week's podcast will be on Lady Macbeth.

Listen to the podcast via the player below:-

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