Thursday, April 09, 2009

All My Sons

Arthur Miller's early play, All My Sons, is a feature of our Junior Certificate course, and a new production, directed by Robin Lefèvre, has just opened at the Gate Theatre. Our III and IV forms will be going to see it in May.

In today's Irish Independent, Bruce Arnold wrote that it 'surpassed all my expectations in a production of great power, simplicity and purity ... the single setting, with its clapboard house and almost claustrophobic garden, seems closed in on the audience, drawing them into the heart of the play's action and holding them, in the last scene, quite spellbound.' More here.

In today's Irish Times, Peter Crawley writes that 'Robin Lefèvre’s new production for the Gate is certainly faithful to the play, which is to say that it is inevitably uneven, reaching moments of intense dramatic heat created by some peerless performances, while also dipping into airless pockets of leaden significance. That’s the consequence of taking Miller at his word. One look at Liz Ascroft’s set, a beautifully detailed but slavishly realistic American backyard, lets you know you’re in for a very straight reading.' More here.

On Monday, Arminta Wallace had a long feature in the IT about Len Cariou, who plays the central character Joe Keller.

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