Thursday, April 23, 2009

Actiontrack comments

At the end of last term II form had the annual Actiontrack drama workshops. Two days ago we posted Eleanor Dolphin's full description of the experience. Everyone else in the form also wrote about it afterwards, and here are a few of the comments they made-
  • I thought Actiontrack was great fun. I learned a lot of things about acting : one of the things was how in improvisation you have to make things up on the spot. Also, I learned always to be confident on stage and make my voice clear.
  • We did a lot of making things up on the spot, which I found really fun, and it was interesting to hear others' stories. Also, this was the first experience I'd had with acting and I found it really fun and laid-back, and I surprised myself by not getting all embarrassed when I presented my stories in front of my year. I liked the day with the whole year most, because it meant that we got a lot more advice and tips on how we could make our small plays better, more interesting and appealing to the audience.
  • I really enjoyed the whole thing: we were allowed to relax and try something different. Nick and Jules were so good at everything. They taught us loads and were so friendly. I was surprised as well with how quickly they learnt our names.
  • I thought Actiontrack was a great learning experience. I had never done much drama before, but it made me want to have a go at the Junior Play next year. They did a great job at keeping everyone involved, and I don't think anyone got tired or felt left out. It was great, the way we were given so much freedom to write our own scenes, develop our role plays, and create our own characters, and perform in front of our fellow pupils.
  • On Wednesday we spent the whole morning doing drama. It was hard, but really interesting. It helped me a lot, because all my life I have been really afraid to play anything in front of anybody. So for the first minute I was in a panic, but after the first time in front of my friends, I suddenly realised that I enjoyed it.
  • I'm really looking forward to fourth form when we get to do a whole week of Actiontrack and then get to perform in front of the whole school.

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