Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Actiontrack review

Near the end of term, Nick and Julia from the Actiontrack Performance Company visited us for the annual three days of drama workshops with II form. Eleanor Dolphin was one of the pupils in these workshops, and writes:-

When I heard that 2nd form would be taking part in an Actiontrack acting workshop I was quite excited. I have done acting before this, I used to go to drama classes once a week, I took classes in my primary school and I have taken part in a few plays/productions. One of my ambitions is to become an actress one day.

On Tuesday in the BSR we worked with Nick and Jools. We started off with some clapping games to warm our brains up. We had to first clap back the rhythm of what Nick clapped. We played zip, zap, boing afterwards, you would have to concentrate quite hard for this game, especially when we added other actions later. After zip, zap, boing we created a grid maze, it started off with just one person walking around, making a grid shape from their imagination, you weren’t allowed to walk in curves only straight lines and ninety-degree turns. They added more and more people into the grid and it started to fill up, you couldn’t collide with or touch anyone. Afterwards we were asked to copy someone’s actions through the grid but to try to make it subtle, the person had to try to guess who was copying him or her.

Read Eleanor's full account of the workshop here. More about Actiontrack shortly.

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