Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Junior Poetry Prize

 Congratulations to Nia Jessup, winner of the 2023-24 Junior Poetry Prize.

My Love

I lost you in our favourite time of year.
In that beautiful spring
with the sound of birds around us,
your favourite sound.

Our love for each other lasted 13 years 4 months and 9 days
Those years, months and days were my favourite.
Not a day goes by without me missing you.
Wishing you were here to see one more Birthday or one more just one more Christmas.

After you had gone my whole world fell apart.
You may not be here now
but you're still with me in heart.

My connection to you is so strong,
It reminds me of an infinity symbol,
it will always be forever.

You always told me that if I ever miss you, pray or if I feel alone, pray.
I may not see you as much now but I will always talk to you.
I will call for a quick chat
at the same time as every day
at 8.30 or around then.
Because you told me that prayer was like a telephone.

I will also always read Psalms Chapter 29, Verse 11 to 13
to remind me of you.
That was your favourite book of the Bible,
 you used to tell me all about it,
and now it is mine.

I can't wait for the day that I will see you again
It might be a long time away
but it is even longer for me.

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