Thursday, January 11, 2018

English Prizes 2018

Congratulations to the following, and thanks to the many pupils who entered for the prize. Papers will be returned by your English teacher, with brief comments.

Senior English Prize

André Stokes

Form Distinctions go to:
VI: Nyla Jamieson, Adaeze Mbafeno
V: Catherine Butt, Caoimbhe Cleary, Isabelle Townshend
IV: Shannon Dent

Junior English Prize

Eile Ni Chianáin

Form Distinctions go to:
III: Imogen Casey, Aurora Higgins Jennings, Charlotte Moffitt
I: Tadgh Rane O Cianáin
P: Elizabeth Hart

Junior Poetry Prize
Details of the Junior Prize will be posted soon.

Senior Poetry Prize
This will take place next term.

Willis Memorial Shakespeare Prize
This will be held early next term.

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