Monday, October 23, 2017

Bullying Awareness Competition 3

Another winner from last week's competition.

lives where it's dry but she
Feels the rain,
Sees the lightning,
Hears the thunder.
Needs the sun but
Fears the sunm
Gives light,
Takes darkness,
Dreams she can fly,
Wonders if she can,
Believes she can't,
She is the light and the darkness.


Anonymous said...

Dear Rebecca,
I really enjoyed reading this piece. It was empowering and amazing. I loved how you talked about "needs the sun but fears the sun" and how even if its dry, you can still feel the thunderstorm. It struck me, how familiar that sounds, and how the piece told of self doubt. It was full of emotion and power and strength.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rebecca,

I thought your writing was very well written and I can see why you won the competition. I really connected to your unique poem when you said: "She dreams and wonders if she can fly, but cant". I feel this line can connect to all different emotions and feelings. Your piece was very powerful and eye-opening. After reading this I will not forget the impact it had on me.