Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Junior Public Speaking Competition 2013

Each year we prepare II formers for the Junior Public Speaking competition. Here's a report from the College website about last Saturday's event:

"Last Saturday saw the ninth annual public speaking competition for II form take place in the Cadogan. There were a record number of speakers - thirteen in all delivering speeches on a topic of their choice before an audience of the Junior members of the College. The standard of speeches was possibly the highest ever and it is eloquent testimony to the skill of the English Staff in preparing their pupils as well the confidence and ability of the pupils themselves. The pupils are given a very short time to prepare their speeches and then invited to volunteer for the event. The speeches ranged from the comic to the serious, the personal to the academic, the light-hearted to the challenging.

There were some excellent speeches and special mention should be given to Helena Gromotka's bravura speech on her family which was delivered entirely without notes as was Jack Stokes's very moving speech on his grandfather which elicited great applause. Douglas Boyd Crotty and Blanaid Sheeran gave very good comic speeches which were both amusing and well-paced. Emmanuella Ejase-Tobrise was the runner-up speaking on the subject of Women's Rights. The winner was Freddie de Montfort who gave a speech on a historical theme - 'The Hassassins' (an Islamic sect operating in the Middle East as the time of Crusades). Freddie was able to demonstrate clear knowledge and passion for his subject and we all learned something about the subject on that evening. Congratulations to all those who participated in a very successful evening."

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