Thursday, September 06, 2012

Transition Year English course, 2012-13

This afternoon, our latest cohort of Transition Year pupils start on their English Course. Culminating in May 2013, they will tackle an exciting mix of long essay work, reading, literature study and creative writing. Click here for the full course.

The main aims of this course are:

  • To bridge the considerable divide between Junior and Leaving Certificate work, focussing on areas which will help pupils mature and become more sophisticated readers and writers. In the words of our College TY policy: “The academic momentum of pupils should be maintained (and indeed increased) to provide a suitable bridge between the type of work associated with the Junior Certificate and the more demanding Leaving Certificate courses.”
  • To open pupils’ eyes to the potential of self-directed learning, especially in the major Extended Essay project. Transition Year policy document: "Pupils gain the ability to take greater responsibility for their own learning and decision-making.” And “it is important to note that an emphasis is placed on exploring different methods of teaching, learning and assessment.”
  • To emphasise the importance of experimentation in writing, and of revision and redrafting of work.
  • To encourage more academic self-awareness about English, especially in the Extended Essay, the Work Portfolio process and the pupils’ course and self-assessment in June.
  • To broaden the reading of all pupils.

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